Lentil and Bacon Soup

I do love a nice bowl of lentil soup and do love bacon so this is a perfect combination!



I don’t usually bother to soak the lentils overnight, but I decided to do it anyway and see if that makes any difference.

After soaking I just added the bacon, garlic, herbs and seasoning to the pan and it all did look a pale and rather unpleasant at that point..


So not much to say about this recipe, it’s all left to simmer away for roughly an hour and by then it had thickened up and the lentils were super soft..


Then I added the potatoes and left for another 20 minutes until they were cooked and by then it was looking much more appetising!


So I actually left this overnight before trying it and I had forgotten to take the clove out! The flavour from the clove is actually really nice. It is a very thick soup, perfect for winter and very filling!

Would I make this again? Yes!


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